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Spirit Messages Coming Through…

We are in a powerful space as we are preparing for this weekend’s 4.4 Portal.  The 4.4 Portal is in the middle of the Equinox and Beltane, which is May 1st.  We are in a powerful stream of Galactic Energies and the Veil is really thin right now.  That means the Spiritual Dimensions are much more accessible for us, here in the physical.  These energies act like a bridge to the higher realms and dimensions.  This opens up communication between the world of spirit and the living.  Many messages are coming through right is from our spirit guides and loved ones.  Here are some signs you may be receiving Spirit Messages.  Electrical glitches.  Spirit can manipulate energy and electricity.  This could look like lights flickering on and off, light bulbs blowing out, tv or computers glitching, issues with your electronics, or WIFI issues.  Spirit is able to manipulate nature.  Messages come in all forms.  You may be seeing things in the clouds, in the sky, or the stars.  You may find items like coins, feathers, or pine cones.  You may see flowers that remind you of your loved one.  Rainbows can be a special sign.  Butterfly’s.  You may be seeing birds.  Robins are said to appear when your loved one is near.  Music.  You may here your loved ones favourite music, or music that reminds you of them.  You may be getting messages through the lyrics.  You may receive messages in many forms.  Different words can come from different places.  You could hear something on tv that is a message for you.  You may be guided to magazines, books, or google and see things you need.  You may feel spirits.  You may think of them or sense there energies.  This may make you feel warm, or even cold.  You may get goosebumps.  You may experience ringing in the ears, or tingling in the crown.  You may see different energies.  Some people sense energies, shadows, spirits, or orbs.  You may sense changes in the energy.  You may here voices or pick up on telepathic thoughts or messages.  Clocks may stop or you may see number codes.  You may have visions.  This could be like images, or even remote viewing different things.  You may be getting messages through your dreams.  Pay attention to any dreams you remember.  Our loved ones visit us the easiest in different astral planes.  You may be guided to a Psychic or a Medium.  Many times messages are channeled.  If your reading this, take this as a very loud sign.

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On The Energies…

We are going through some major Shifts in the Energies right now.  We are feeling lots of Pleiadian and Andromedan Energies right now too! We are Shifting out of Aquarius Season and into Pisces Season.  Pisces Season begins the 18/19th.  Aquarius Season was all about the mental and the mind.  Pisces Season will be bringing us back down to the Heart Chakra.  You should be feeling how deeply you are connected to everyone and everything.  Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which ruled the Spiritual.  Things are going to start to feel a lot better for everyone.  We are going to feel lots of Spiritual Energies coming through.  Expect to feel them more deeply.  Pisces is an Element that’s more sensitive to the energies.  Pisces are the psychic empath of the zodiac.  Expect a major boost in your clairvoyance, in these energies.  As you are awakening, and coming into a deeper alignment, your soul gifts are activating.  You may be getting glimpses of the future or may be just tuning in through your intuition, or even an inner knowing.  Pisces is represented by two fish.  One is within the physical matrix and the other resides within the spiritual dimensions.  This sign is the master of being in two places at once.  That’s why we are really connecting with the Dream Dimensions right now.  It’s a great time to start a dream journal or to practice astral projection.  Once our Third Eye is open we are able to project or travel to other dimensions and places.  This energy is also amazing for manifesting.  These are extra dreamy vibes for a reason.  If your trying to manifest some type of Fairy Tale Love Story, this is the energy to use.

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Today We Are Doing Dream School…

We are doing a Dream School/ Astral Travel Workshop today.  We are going to be discussing the world of the sub conscious.  Astral projection happens on the astral plane.  This is where the consciousness leaves the physical body to travel to other dimensions, such as the astral plane.  We will be talking about how to consciously experience this as well as lucid dreaming.  You just sign up through our site and we send you the link to the private Facebook group we are using to Live Stream the Video from.