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On The Energies…

Happy Equinox! This is a time to work your magic!  We have the Equinox, a shift into Spring, the start of a new astrological year, Aries Season and an Aries New Moon all going on.  The energies of the Spring Equinox are bringing more codes online.  Massive DNA Activations happening.  This is the best time to be doing some type of energy work.  These energies may be bringing any karmic or past baggage to the surface to process.  Major energies coming up for release.  Today we have a Venus conjunction to the North Node of Destiny in Taurus.  Venus is also conjunct Juno.  This may be bringing your relationship contracts up.  Taurus is home to the Pleiades, and the energies of the Pleiades will be felt strongly over the next month.  Expect “Rich Bitch” energy today as the abundance will be flowing.  This can mean changes in your relationship plans or major shifts coming up in your love life.  As the Nodes of Fate are activating today, so is your Destiny.  Fate may be at play, or may be at work around you right now.  Trust the process no matter what it may look like.  This is a powerful time for Twin Flame Union.  Once you meet your Twin Flame you usually begin a while nother level of healing work.  Today is a huge Portal for Twin Flame Union.  That means you can use these energies to shift into a deeper alignment and into Union with your Flame.  No matter what the situation, in any lifetime your Flame is always your Destined Partner.  Expect Geomagnetic Storms today and tomorrow as we have an incoming CME.  We also have lots of Solar Wind headed our way from a Coronal Hole.  The Solar Wind will hit us the 23rd and 24th.  The Aries New Moon is tomorrow and sets the stage for next months April 20th Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse.  Anyone else noticing this Glitch? We enter a portal now that completes with next month’s New Moon.  Pay attention to the themes coming up in your life right now.  Tomorrow’s New Moon is aligned with the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Chiron in Aries.  This Aries New Moon is also in conjunction with Mercury and Neptune.  Making it an amazing time to be manifesting.  Since Jupiter and Chiron are also in a conjunction this Moon is the ultimate Illuminator to what may be holding you back.  This means you should be mindful of old patterns you may still be in, and your inner dialog right now.  The Cosmic Energies are pushing you to heal and to come into a deeper inner alignment.

March Gateway Days…

3:11 Jupiter Conjunct Chiron – Major Healing Gateway.

3:13 Galactic Activation Portal Day.

3:16 Venus Enters Taurus Major Relationship/ Twin Flame Gateway.  Major Shift Day.

3:17 Galactic Activation Portal Day.  Major Shift Day.

3:20 Equinox.  Fairy Gateway.  Pleiadian Gateway.

3:21 Shift into Aries Season.

3:22 Aries New Moon.

3:23 Pluto Enters Aquarius – First Time Since the 18th Century.

3:24 Galactic Activation Portal Day.  Major Shift Day.

3:25 Galactic Activation Portal Day.  Major Twin Flame Portal.

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On The Energies…

April is going to kick off with an Aries New Moon and the 4:4 Portal.  We have had an active few days with the solar flares.  We also have another CME headed towards us now, and expected to hit us today.  We got a lot happening at once. The Sun just kicked off a couple of Solar Flares, a Tsunami, and a Radiation Storm.  It also turned into a radio transmitter that knocked out areas of the Earth grid.  The rest of Aries Season is going to continue to bring some big energies.  These energies are bringing a cosmic awakening.  They are here to shift us into a higher state of consciousness.  April 1st is the Aries New Moon.  The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Chiron are all going to be in Aries.  Chiron will be bringing your past wounds to the surface.  It’s meant to help you to tap into your inner gifts, especially healing gifts.  Of course the energies are going to be helping us to get more honest about our own healing work we have to do.  The Aries New Moon is going to be super charged with the magic needed to shift you into a New Beginning.  It’s sparking the energies for the 4:4 Portal.  Spring is the most important time for the seeds that your planting.  It’s the perfect time to be making plans for your future.  It’s a space where we create new life from.  April also brings us the start to Eclipse Season, and a powerful Pluto Retrograde.  Pluto goes Retrograde April 29th to Oct 8th.  We are already feeling, and in a Pre Retrograde phase right now.  This Retrograde will help you with healing and integrating the darker aspects of yourself.  It’s also going to be helping you with your shadow work.  Expect it to bring things to the surface.  We have a powerful Pisces Stellium coming at us.  Jupiter and Neptune are in Pisces.  On April 5th the planet of love, Venus enters Pisces.  On April 14th Mars enters Pisces.  At that point we will have 4 of the major planets in Pisces.  Pisces really is it’s own realm too.  These energies may have you escaping into your inner worlds, manifesting your visions, and tapping into your creative channels.  This will be dreamy energies and will be amazing for remembering more of your sleep dreams or astral experiences.