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On The Energies…

We are still in a lot of high frequency energies.  Tonight is the peak of the Alpha Centaurid Meteor Shower.  This week will be extra magical.  These Cosmic Energies are powerful.  It’s a great time to tap into your own inner magic.  Earth is passing through a cloud of Cosmic debris.  As it does, these chunks of rock and ice are going to catch fire, emitting light.  Once again it’s raining down stars.  Expect all kind of lights sparkling in the sky this week.  This meteor shower will continue to be active til February 21st.  We are going to continue to feel it’s frequency until then too.  Today the Sun also forms a conjunction with Mercury Retrograde.  This means we are really feeling these retrograde energies.  Mercury Retrograde can bring the usual confusion, technical glitches, and communication misunderstandings.  This year it’s actually here to assist us in releasing any old stories from the past.  We have Shifted into the New Earth and we are being reminded that we create what we are focusing on.  While your past may be calling, you can chose not to answer to it.  What is important is who you are now, in this moment, in this story.  Your next chapter awaits, and this one you will be writing.  This weeks Aquarius New Moon is going to bring a New Energy and a New Beginning.  Expect some beautiful auroras with this New Moon too.  Your being reminded to look to the stars this week if you need answers, or feel lost.

art: @lyla_ab