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On This Weeks Energies…

Today is really powerful.  This Weekend is our Galactic New Year! Last Monday the 13th we began a series of 10 days of Galactic Activation Portal Days.  Today marks day 10 and a closing of this portal.  Today is the 26th day of the 13th Moon calendar.  It also marks its shift into Leo Season.  We can expect today’s energy to be quite intense.  Expect a lot of activations today.  These light codes are activating many things within.  Our DNA is changing.  Humanity is evolving! Expect a big bang energetically as we shift from the element of water to fire.  This is a good time to rest and integrate these energies.  We have more on the way.  Sunday is our Galactic New Year, known as the Day Out Of Time.  This is the duration of time that it takes our Sun to orbit around the center of our Milky Way Galaxy.  We are completing another cosmic year.  Many are feeling this is a powerful new beginning.  On Sunday we have another massive shift as the Lionsgate Portal opens.  We will be in this stream of energy technically until August 12th, but the Lionsgate peaks 8/8.  The Sun is in its ruling sign of Leo making it extra powerful.  It’s also the rising of the star Sirius which is our Spiritual Sun.  our ancestors were much more advanced with things like energy and astrology and were very in tune with the star Sirius.  Sirius is the gateway to heaven.  As these energies merge they bring some powerful activations with them.  They also very much affect things with Gaia as well.  This is why many Ley Line structures have been built to harness the energies of these alignments.  These are powerful cosmic energies that will awaken and expand our consciousness.  Comet NeoWise is also going to reach its peak visibility at this time.  Even this comet is in alignment with Sirius and our Galactic New Year.  During this time we can expect a lot of heart chakra activations and openings.  You may have old wounds rising up for you to heal as Chiron is still retrograde.  We can also expect a ton of third eye activations.  You may be getting a lot of downloads or tuning into a lot of information at this time.  This is a time when your angels are coming through extra strong.  pay attention to any wisdom coming through.  Many of you will even be receiving information coming from different star systems during this time.  It’s a powerful time especially for any Starseeds.  As we go through this transformation we are activating our psychic awareness.  We are bringing it back online and many are feeling there spiritual abilities getting stronger.  You should be noticing an increase in synchronicity, you may be seeing lots of number codes during this time.  You may even be having lots of dreams or very vivid dreams. Regard any you remember as messages.  This is a powerful time to be doing any type of healing.  We can really use these energies in our ascension.

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A Day Out Of Time..

We are at a place where many worlds are colliding.  We have an ending occurring as well as a new beginning.  Today is what the Mayans called The Day Out of Time.  This is an extra day in their Calendar system, or the last day of the Galactic year.  This is a portal in time.  It’s a time to realign our energies.  We are taking a quantum leap through time.  We can expect another incoming Galactic wave tonight as well.  This shift can be huge for your spiritual evolution.  It’s very important that we are working on raising our vibrational frequency at this time.  This Gateway is amazing for meditating, healing, or tuning into yourself.  These energies will continue to take us through this Sirius Stargate into the 8:8 Lionsgate.  They will continue to pick up intensity.  They are meant to be assisting us in clearing any energetic debris and are amplifying our manifesting.  We are seeding our intention now for the New Earth.  Make sure your thoughts are a reflection of what your trying to attract into your life.