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On The Energies….

This month has brought us some of the biggest geomagnetic storms that we have seen for years.  We have a week left of November.  That means we will spend that week clearing the energies of the past month as we prepare to step into the new frequencies of December.  December will bring us a Solar Eclipse, the 12:12 Portal, Comet Leonard, The Geminids Meteor Shower, The Christmas Cold Moon, the Solstice, and Yule.  Expect big energies, that may be slightly dramatic.   Major moves in the energy.   Enough momentum to both be closing out and opening new energetic cycles.  December 4th brings us our Sagittarius New Moon.  This is also an extra dramatic Total Solar Eclipse.  It’s also the final eclipse of Eclipse Season.  This Solar Eclipse will align with Mercury.  Because of this connection your words will have extra power.  That makes it an amazing time to manifest.  The 12:12 Portal will be huge.  December will bring huge DNA upgrades.  The 12:12 Portal will carry many codes that we need for our spiritual awakening.  The 12:12 Portal is meant to help you find your twin flame.  It’s a reminder that you may meet them in the most unexpected way.  Comet Leonard is going to start to be visible the 9th.  It’s going to pass by Earth on the 12th and be at it’s maximum brightness.  Its expected to pass by on the way out of our Solar System.  This is expected to be a one time visit, and the brightest Comet of the year.  Expect it to align perfect with the 12:12 Portal.  Sparks will fly.  We also have the Geminids Meteor Shower.  The Geminids Meteor Shower is active from Dec 4th to the 17th.   It will peak the 14th.  That means it will also be kicking off in alignment with the 12:12 Portal.  This adds some extra magic to the energies.  Dec 18th Is the Gemini Full Moon, or the Cold Christmas Moon.  It may look small to us, but It’s the closest of the year.  This one will be 10% closer, making it 10 times stronger.  This Moon will align with the Solstice.  The Solstice is the longest night of the year.  It will be bringing some of the most spiritual energy of the year.  It’s also the point that we shift into Capricorn Season.  The Winter Solstice is an important Gate for Ascension.  We will really be feeling the energies of the Solstice for 3 weeks before, and after.  That means things begin to open up for the Solstice next week.  Expect huge influxes of energy with this one.  The theme for December and Sagittarius Season is taking back your freedom.  The Universe is always supporting us in the process to.  You may be guided to move on from situations you may have outgrown.  This will be a major theme as we move closer to 2022.

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On The Energies…

This weekend we will begin a series of Cosmic Events that will lead us into 2021.  Saturday we are going to kick things off with the 12:12 Portal, Sunday is the peak of the Geminids Meteor Shower and Monday we have our New Moon, also a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius.  We also have some powerful waves of Galactic Energies that are continuing to come in stronger and stronger.  The 12:12 Portal really is the final Gateway of the year and is preparing us for the Winter Solstice.  Jupiter and Saturn are also continuing to move closer and closer together as they prepare to make there Solstice Merge.  The 12:12 Portal will be bringing with it tons of light codes that will activate your light body.  Your light body is your Merkaba.  This is Egyptian and translated Mer (Light), Ka (Soul), Ba (Body).  Our light body is our true form and what we must activate to achieve ascension.  We are very much, in this space between the Lunar and Solar Eclipse.  This is a powerful Eclipse window.  We can be using these energies in powerful ways as the light codes are continuing to stream in.  Right now we are clearing a lot of old density right now, and will continue to for the rest of the month.  That’s why doing so much healing and clearing of our energy is so needed.  This week may feel a little like the calm before the storm.  It very much is.  We are going through a big transformation right now as we integrate so many upgrades so fast.  The real change is occurring within you as your DNA is activating.  You may be having spiritual experiences, intense dreams, or even deja vu from all of these energies.  It’s very important that your letting the Universe guide you at this point.  Pay attention to the signs your receiving.  The Geminids are not your typical Meteor Shower.  Our Planet is passing through the dust and debris from an asteroid.  Most Meteor Showers come from comets, not asteroids.  We can expect fireballs, and even blue, yellow, red, and green shooting stars.  Once again it will be raining stars this weekend.  The Geminids is considered the best Meteor Shower of the year.  Monday’s Solar Eclipse will take us into the last two weeks of 2020! You have to know it’s going to end on a spectacular note. Continue reading

Shifting Into Sagittarius Season…

We are finishing up Scorpio Season.  We are preparing to shift into Sagittarius Season the 22nd.  We are really feeling the shift of the energy right now.  We are moving from water to fire.  All of that emotional energy that came with the past month is beginning to clear.  You should be starting to feel like you have more energy.  Tomorrow will bring with it a massive wave of ascension energies.  It’s also a big day for activations.  We also can expect lots of incoming solar winds to reach us over the weekend.  This energy should give you a boost in motivation.  Sagittarius Season will be bringing some massive upgrades with it.  Sagittarius and Gemini might be feeling these energies a little extra.  Expect a turbulent month as we are about to move through some quick energetic adjustments.  We will have Mars and the energies of Eclipse Season shaking things up.  We are ten days away from the first Eclipse, which will be a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini.  This first Eclipse will open a powerful gateway that will send us through the 12/12 Portal.  The 12/12 Portal is right in the middle of this pair of Eclipses.  This year’s 12/12 will be all about the lightbody and we can expect to go through some major lightbody activations.  We have some huge alignments to occur in December.  During Mid-December as the Sun aligns with the Galactic Center we can expect some major energy to open up.  The Winter Solstice this year will bring some major energy with it.  It also aligns with the Great Conjunction.  Sagittarius Season this year is taking us into the Age of Aquarius.  We still have Neptune, Uranus, and Chiron in Retrograde.  Neptune is preparing to shift direct next week.  This means you should be having clearer dreams whether awake or asleep.  Chiron has been Retrograde for the past few months and has been assisting us with clearing our past wounds.  We will continue to feel it’s energies over the next month.  Expect Sagittarius Season to further activate you.  It should be bringing lots of downloads and will be amazing for manifesting.  It’s a good time to be getting into a meditation routine.  It’s also a good time to focus on your work.  It’s important that we are staying very positive during this time as we are manifesting rapidly.