Strings Of Fate



We are all connected by invisible threads that make up a web of sorts. Anyone can positively affect The energies of self and all energies connected to self, including those who have died. The power of thought and intention is powerful. String theory is very real and what I am using to make positive ripple effects throughout consciousness. Those who can see these invisible energies of matter and Spirit know that light focused through the human mind can powerfully affect these energies. These are not the only strings connecting us, we have other strings connecting us to our lovers. Regardless of time, circumstance, or location the strings connecting us to our twin flames can never be broken or cut. We are part of a tapestry, who’s threads have been given to us at birth, but which we knit ourselves. The root of the strings is what will reunite you. There is a labyrinth of encounters and shared stories, but there is also a predestined and perfect path. You are connected to your destination, but it is your strong that will lead you there.


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