Steps On The Path To Ascension written by Jared Sullivan


  1. You’re Ignorant to your surroundings and think this world is as it appears and all those in power have your best interests at heart.

  2. You start to question your Reality and what you have been taught and are told.

  3. You start to Research Everything you have ever been Taught are told or are Hearing.

  4. You become Shocked and start to become ”AWARE” of the LIE you have been told.

  5. You start to Speak out and seek out like Minded People interested in the same TRUTH you have uncovered.

  6. You become outraged and start to attack the establishment and religion. Calling out all of the Hypocrisy and Lies.

  7. You start to Research more within yourself and your ”SOUL” and learn and a deeper aspect of yourself and life and the ”UNIVERSE”.

  8. You become Consciously ”AWARE” that you are connected to a Higher Energy/G0D and all things within this Universe.

  9. You begin to Understand this World is a fight not fought on the 3rd Dimensional level, but a world where it is a War fought over Consciousness. A war of manipulation of the Mind through Tell – LIE – Vision (Television), Religion, and vibrational control of this world. And you understand this entire Reality is created and can be manipulated through Vibrational Frequency.

  10. The realization this Reality is only created and exists because the ”LIGHT” cannot exist without the ”DARK” as the ”DARK” cannot exist without the ”LIGHT”. Seeing this Dimension as a Beautiful Dance between to polar opposite energies so different they compliment eachother and could not exist without each other. Knowing this is a Low Vibratory dimension. A dimension of duality. Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, Yes and No, a World created on a Paradox.

  11. The Realization that this world will never be truly all Good or all Bad. Knowing the way to leave this Dimension in spirit and not to get recycled back into a lower dimension is to Love all things without attachment. Attachments breed Fear and this is a reality where Fear is the controlling factor for consciousness.

  12. Understanding Good and Evil do not exist. Knowing 1 can only save oneself. You give the Answers and leave they Keys for all those around you to find and use. For you may lead 1 to the door of Spiritual Conscious Freedom, but it is up to them to pick up the Keys that lay before them to open there own door.

  13. You understand there is no other Emotion that can save you but LOVE. And spreading it is the only way to give others a way to Save themselves. Knowing no matter what happens in your life or the world, all is always ”PERFECT”……..33D