Remote Healing



You are seeing a lot of remote healing going on thanks to modern technology. Many sages, shamans, and healers have already known that healing is just as effective when done remotely. When we heal remotely we link into the persons vibratory energy signature. When we do this it requires the gifts we came here with and our connection with higher spiritual entities. We sweep your energy body and actual body and remove any energetic blocks, make sure all of your chakras are open, cut any energetic cords, and recharge your aura. We are not using our own energy, we are channeling Divine energy. This is not something new, in fact it is ancient knowledge. These things have just been forgotten due to the shifts toward today’s modern day science. These remote healing sessions activate and consciously heal, as in powerful internal healing. Remote healing is regarded as the holy grail of energy medicine. There is more then substantial scientific evidence as to how effective it is. Remember we are all energetic beings. Everything is made of energy. There are various frequencies that emanate from matter, this means we all have a unique vibration. Because we are twin flames our energy is much different now that we are merged back into One. This is why I recommend healers that are attuned to twin flame frequency. Divine love is the most powerful force in the Universe.