Reiki and The Astrology Signs

Reiki is amazing. Reiki is an ancient healing practice that clears stagnant energy. Here is a look at how each zodiac sign could benefit from Reiki.

Aries- This sign can be fast to snap, so Reiki is great for dissolving any repressed anger. Your high spirited energy is usually charming, but when your energy needs cleansed then your moods may be agitated. It’s always a good idea for this sign to have their throat chakra balanced.

Taurus- This sign is all about the senses. When their energy gets stagnant it can make you lazy or unmotivated. Clearing your energy with Reiki will re-energize you.

Gemini- You’ll know when you need energy work because you’ll become indecisive and will have a hard time following through with things. When your energy becomes dormant your energy follows. Reiki will give you more vitality for all of the discussions you have to make.

Cancer- You’ll know you need Reiki if your moods are becoming erratic or unpredictable. This happens when your energy becomes stagnant. Reiki will balance your moods, and heal any past traumas.

Leo- This sign is usually very cheerful. You’ll know when you need energy work because your energy will become inactive. Your natural charisma will feel diminished. Reiki will invigorate and inspire you.

Virgo- This sign is genuine but can have issues expressing themselves. When this sign needs Reiki they won’t be as productive or self assured, and can even become stubborn. Reiki will give you that natural stability and confidence back.

Libra- This sign can be a social butterfly. But if stuck it can make their life restless. This sign runs the risk of exhibiting lethargic behavior. It’s very important this sign is using Reiki to cleanse from time to time. Reiki will increase your life force energy.

Scorpio- This signs energy has a natural edge to it. When this sign needs Reiki they can become moody or depressed. Reiki will return that lost light. Clearing your energy will clear your vision.

Sagittarius- This sign is bubbly and optimistic. When your energy needs cleared you’ll become easily distracted or frazzled. Reiki will bring you back to your center and clear any vision you have towards your goals. Reiki will energetically help your workload.

Capricorn- This sign is traditional and responsible. If this signs energy becomes stagnant then they can become stubborn or less flexible. When this sign clears their energy with Reiki it will root your energy and bring your personality back into its natural state.

Aquarius- This signs energy can become scattered or frazzled when cleansing is needed. Reiki will cleanse your energy and absolve some of that pressure. It will help you relax.

Pisces- This sign tends to daydream. Cleansing your energy will bring your focus back to this realm. You are needed on Earth. Daydreaming is how we manifest, but it’s important to have balance and to stay grounded energetically.


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