Twin Flame Kundalini Healing Package

£ 888.00



Awaken and balance your kundalini energy.  This will heal your kundalini energy.  Great for healing your past sexual history.  It’s time to heal your energetic imprints that are keeping you separate from your Twin Flame or that are blocking Union.  Great for clearing blocks in Union.  Heals and dissolves blocks in your sexual/ sacral energy.  A great healing for anyone no matter what your situation.  This healing is done in an hour.  Kundalini is the dormant spiritual energy at the base of the spine.  It is often depicted as a coiled serpent in deep sleep.  When it is awakened, the serpent uncoils and travels up the spine.  This healing opens your energy channels.   Increase energy, achieve higher states of consciousness, heal your body, and gain enlightenment.  Your root chakra is the main source of energy for your entire body.  Your root chakra draws its energy from Mother Earth’s energy.  This healing raises your soul and body vibration.  Unlocks the the powerful energy of your root chakra and awakens your kundalini.  Heal, open, and activate your root chakra.  Unlocking your root chakra has many benefits like improved health, activating new spiritual abilities, and a sense of wellness and balance.  Expect spiritual balancing, natural healing, and higher awareness.  This healing increases personal growth and inner strength which can lead to enhanced emotional stability happiness, balance, and wisdom.  Heals root cause behind energetic blockages, heals underlying issues, and frees you from any limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, especially in the lower chakras.  Benefits include better sex and more intense connection with your Twin Flame.

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