Twin Flame Emotional Block Healing

£ 333.00



Twin Flames literally show you your blocks to heal.  Your emotional baggage is ofton what is triggered when upset.  A good healing for the energetic baggage.  Heals negative energies playing out in your field.  A good energy healing.  Heals and clears the emotional and mental blocks that prevent any kind Union with your Twin Flame.  Clears blocked energies and negative energy blocks.  The blocks can create distance.  Clears trauma and emotional issues.  Free yourself from negative blocks and any negative blocks within the connection so that you feel more awakened and energized.  Great for healing deeply rooted trauma.  Heals traumatic pain.  Most Twin Flame blocks are buried on a subconscious level.  Dissolves subconscious blocks.  Great for healing suppressed trauma.  Heals any pain coming up.  Heals negative behavior patterns tied to emotional blocks.

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