Twin Flame Codependency Healing

£ 111.00


Ever feel your partners pull back because you’re suffocating them? This is a healing for codependency.  It’s often times the root of many relationship issues and even separation and break ups.  This is a deep healing for codependency issues.  Co-dependency is the most common sabotaging dynamics in relationships. People in co-dependent relationships are constantly trying to extract love, approval and appreciation from one another.  It’s a type of energy vamping.  This type of energy vampiring stems from a loss of personal power and results in control issues.  When you are in a co-dependent relationship you make your partner responsible for YOUR happiness and then try to control them so that they can make you happy.  Of course this never works and results in endless drama.  Being codependent is a vicious cycle of behavior, but emotional vampires rarely recognize that they’re in them. They use these relationships, often romantic ones, to continue spinning a cycle of drama and emotional need.  This is why codependents attract narcissist types until you heal.  Free yourself from co-dependency and create an interdependent relationship based on higher giving love.  Heals codependent patterns.  Heals your energy from codependency.  Once you heal you attract better partners.

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