Twin Flame Ancestral Karma Healing Package

£ 777.00



This healing package is done in an hour.  You have taken many births and have gone through many emotional ups and downs during the many lifetimes that you have had.  This healing rewrites your narrative.  Healing for unresolved karma playing out in your love life.  Healing for past karmic energies that you’re carrying.  Any unresolved karma in your family line was passed down to you.  Your families unresolved karma becomes your ancestral Karma as it is part of your ancestor lineage.  Healing for this karma transfer you stepped into and picked up at birth.  You took on some of the karma from the souls of your ancestor lineage.  Heals ancestral karma.  This way your Twin Flame isn’t playing it out on you.  You may have already had multiple failed relationships, heartbreaks, dysfunctional family patterning, mistreated childhood, or some other form of trauma in your life.  Your Twin Flame is always just replaying the scenes that will trigger the dormant pain inside of you.  Family healing both you and your Twin Flame.  This heals and replaces the negative narratives in your love life stemming from your family line.  Heals generational trauma from your family lineage.

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