Pleiadian DNA Upgrade Package

£ 1,111.00


This is a DNA recoding package. Infuse your DNA with Pleiadian energies..  activate your Pleiadian DNA.  Will shift you on a cellular level to embody more high frequency light into your DNA and Consciousness.  An energetic upgrade for your DNA.  Heals and releases karma encoded in your DNA.  Heals and repairs DNA distortions. Upgrades your DNA and energy to Pleiadian frequencies.  Awaken and activates your Starseed DNA.  Activates your 5th dimensional templates.  Channeled Alcyone energies.  Brings online more of your 5D DNA coding.  Activates your spiritual energetic blueprint.  Bring more of your energy body online.  Helps you to shift how you’re seeing reality.  Clears and heals lower energy blocks and repatterning.  Activates your  DNA on a spiritual level as it was intended to be.  Raises your frequency to a multidimensional level.  Receive Pleiadian healing energies, and a DNA upgrade.  This is a two hour DNA healing/ activation.  Upgrade your DNA and energy system.  Upgrade to Pleiadian frequencies.  Deep cellular healing and light codes for your DNA.

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