48 Strand DNA Upgrade

£ 211.00


You need to have done the first 36 strand DNA upgrade.  Once you have, you can do this package of 48 strands.  We take you up 12 strands per level.  You want to follow up with the 60 strand DNA activation after this one.

Benefits May Include after receiving energy:
– Abundance & Prosperity
– Release of Unconscious Genetic & Karmic
– Physical Body Embraces More Vitality
– Unconditional Self-Love
– Hidden gifts & abilities come online
– Heightened Creativity
– Improved Memory
– More Improvements to Health
– Toxin Release
– Sense of Peace and Oneness To All That Is
– Your Immune System is Further.
– Additional Cell Regeneration
– More Clarity, Focus & Increased Brain
– Greater Love for Others & Better
– Understanding and Fulfillment of your Life.
– Synchronicity & Signs Come To You.

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