Star-Crossed Twin Flame Past Life Clearing

£ 155.00


Twin Flames  are destined partners that spring into your life quickly and hotly.  They can sometime disappears hopefully to return sometime within your lifetime.  These can even present as long distance relationships, where the partners only meet in person rarely but are happy to pick up their connection at those times and be less intensely in touch in between, like a Comet passing close enough for the Earth to see every few years.  If gone you are still in contact with that person in the 5D and higher.  This could be someone in your life with whom you occasionally cross paths before going off on your separate trajectories once again.  This is a clearing for these type of issues, or being starcrossed.  Star crossed lovers are when two people are not able to be together for some reason.  You may feel that the stars have been working against the relationship.  Clears these type of past life issues.  Clears being starcrossed.  Star-crossed lovers are two people who care deeply for each other; however, their love is doomed by the stars and they cannot be together. This couple is considered ill-fated.  This presents as deep blocks in this lifetime of why one or both partners are hesitant or afraid of the connection.  Clears past life fear.  Twin Flames are destined to cross paths.  This healing helps to shift you into Union/ deeper Union when you do.  This can be why some Twin Flames try to act as strangers.  If you’re hung up waiting for the stars to align in some way this clearing is for you.  If you’re a star crossed lover you feel miles apart on Earth.  Feeling unlucky in love? Clears misaligned energies around your love life.  Clears past life issues, and karmas between you and your Twin Flame.  You are destined to be with your Twin Flame.  It’s written in the stars.  Clears your energy and your past life slate.  Great for everyone no matter where you’re at.  A good clearing for negative energy and a good magic clearing.

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