Healing Package For Fear Blocks

£ 255.00



This is a healing for fear.  Fear affects our thoughts and feelings.  Fear creates blocks such as cultural conditioning, societal expectations, relationships, financial freedom, health, and past life traumas.  Fear comes up as an emotion caused by a belief that someone or something is dangerous and is likely to cause pain or a threat.  It activates your fight or flight system.  Many fears come from our unconscious programming.  A healing for the unconscious programs running fear loops.  A healing for fear blocks.  This is a healing for fear of being alone and not being heard.  Fear of being left alone.  Fear of being deemed not important to others.  Fear of abandonment.  We bond with people but the fear of being abandoned by them can become a very traumatic experience.  Many people create a protective shield to avoid being hurt by choosing to become too clingy or may become very independent.  Fear of connecting with others.  Often stemming from past painful experiences in relationships, connecting emotionally, romantically, intimately with others seems dangerous.  Some people don’t feel safe.  To avoid injury, they withdraw from connections.  Fear of no recognition.  Not feeling good enough in friendships.  Not being recognized for our worth and for who we really are can hinder our success and growth.  Fear of financial insecurity.  Fear of not having enough money to live.  Fear for not making enough to clear financial debts. Fear of not having enough money to pursue dreams and goals.  Fear of losing source of income or revenue. These could be a direct result of your family, especially if while growing up, if money was scarce.  Fear of failure.  When you have met failure in your previous relationships or endeavors, opening up to that sort of painful experiences may be something you fear.  Fear of self awareness – Fear of speaking up or standing up to your own truth. Stemming from childhood or relationship trauma, fear on lack of self awareness leading to not having one’s own individuality.  Fear of living your dreams and desires – Fear of conforming to the demands and expectations of family, work, religion, society and cultural conditioning.  Fear of health.  Fear of contracting life threatening diseases, often preventing one to live their full potential.  Other phobias.   Deep healing for these fears and any others you may have had come up.

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