Pleiadian Starseed Activation

£ 55.00



The Blue Star Healing energy comes from the Pleiades and contains all the healing energies that exist on Earth at this time into One powerful higher vibrational healing light energy.   It’s time for us to activate and start living in the highest frequencies and dimensions possible in order to co-create the massive changes needed to create and experience Heaven on Earth.

Blue Star Healing balances and realigns our physical and spiritual bodies to the highest vibration sustainable at this time enabling an easier transition and integration of higher and higher frequencies of light that we are achieving within our physical bodies and on this earth on a daily basis. It’s a much faster and easier way to release negative energy that has been blocking your physical body from entering much higher frequencies and dimensions of light and love.  Blue Star Healing easily takes you to the higher dimensions when you are ready and guided from within.

Blue Star Healing can be best associated with the Universal Reiki Energy in that it is received through one who is attuned to this energy system the same way life force energy flows through one initiated in Reiki. The only difference being the much higher frequency of the Blue Star Healing which is now available to us in a much higher frequency of light and vibration than has ever been available on earth before, providing a means through which a much faster, more harmonious healing and clearing process can take place.

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