Healing For Loved One In Spirit

£ 155.00


This is a healing session for your loved one that is on the other side.  This is a healing for you, them, and the connection.  Will help you to better connect with their energy.  Will heal any pain, negativity, or grief in the way of the connection. Clears any karma.  Our loved ones in spirit are always connecting with us.  Helps you to better connect with this person and the other side.  Will help you to have more Dream Visitations, Better Sensing Them, Feeling Them More, Hearing Them More, and Receiving More Messages And Signs.  If your in pain or grief it blocks the connection and hurts them to watch.  An amazing healing for anyone who has lost someone close to them.  A great clearing and opener for the connection.  Once you do clear the layers of grief it will turn into a different kind of connection.  One where you’re protected and guided.  Filled with joy and gifts.

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