Spirit Activation

£ 66.00


Helps you to better tap into and communicate with the dead.  Great for everyone.  Helps to activate your spirit gifts and spirit connection.  Helps you to tap in past the veil.  Better connect and communicate with your loved ones in spirit.  Receive more signs and messages.  Open up more to their guidance.  Allows them to send more knowledge through to you.  More direct messages and communication.  Recognizing and seeing more signs.  See and sense them more when they are around.  Feel them more! Great for healing pain or grief blocking the connection. Great for healing from loss.  Activates your mediumship gifts.  Increase your intuitive abilities.  Tap into more of your gifts.  Get more visits from loved ones.  Strengthens your intuition.  More clarity on the messages you’re getting.  Brings your intuition online stronger.  Activate your 6th sense.  This is your spirit channel.  Opens you up to more empathy.  Activates higher perspective and views.  Activates your spirit senses.  Helping you to get more messages through.

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