Healing For Energetic Blocks In Your Twin Flame Connection

£ 211.00



Heals the energetic blocks in your connection.  Heal the energy between you and your Twin Flame.  Heal and uplift the connection.  Heals blocks in your energetic system.  Heals blocks around abundance.  Heals blocks from past events.  Helps you to release past events from your energetic system.  Heals energy blocks from past lifetimes with your Twin Flame.  Heals past emotions from past lessons you may be holding on to.  Heals your energy and rebalances your energetic systems.  Healing for these type of blocks.  Constant fatigue.  Feeling lethargic and tired for long periods of time no matter how much sleep you get is a big sign that you are experiencing an energy block. This can result in chronic fatigue and start to impact your work.  Depression.  Suddenly feeling depressed can be a sign you are dealing with an energy block.  Anxiety.  When you feel you are trapped in a cycle of overthinking and worrying, this could be the effect of a build up of negative energy. You may feel like you cannot control your emotions and your worry continues to grow.  Anger.  feelings or irritability are a big sign that an energy block is present. This can result in a loss of temper and sudden outbursts of frustration. When you feel anger building, it is a sign that there is something under the surface that must be released. Anger is one of the lowest vibrations emotions that exists, so feeling angry is a warning sign that you need to address what is blocking your positive energy.  Excessive behaviour – when energy blocks are present, you can start to engage in excessive behaviour such as an unhealthy spending habit. You may ignore your bills and responsibilities and start to spiral into financial ruin.  Resentment.  Struggling to forgive someone is both a sign that an energy block is present and a slippery slope that will lead to further energy blocks. This is the biggest block to spiritual enlightenment and can stop you from being aligned with your divine counterpart.

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