Family Trauma DNA Healing

£ 311.00


Your family comes as part of your soul group.  You share lessons as a collective group and even DNA.  This is the real reason that you see the same patterns and lessons and problems repeating down the family line.  You share DNA with all that came before you on your direct line and any that came from you in children and grandchildren.  This is a healing that is going to help not just you, but to heal all in your collective or family line.  Have you ever heard of your parents or grandparents say they had health issues.  That this runs in the family.  The effects of generational trauma also manifest as negative karma.  Clearing and healing layers of shadow.  Transmuting your energy into a higher frequency and more light.  A good soul and energy clearing.  The benefits of this healing are helping you to heal and understand the trauma you are connected to, that has spanned generations.  Will help you to heal from past harm to empower you Now.  Breaking free from past and karmic cycles.  Healing harmful cycles so that the effects of trauma aren’t passed on to future generations.

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