Energy Vampire/ Narcissist/ Fake Flame Clearing

£ 155.00



Clears dark energies away from you.  Great for clearing dark or negative energies away from your love life.  Great if you have been attracting energy vampire types.  Great for clearing people away who are trying to sabotage you.  Narcissists keep you in a toxic bond that activates your codependency.  This is an issue that all empaths and intuitives deal with on a constant basis.  The energy sucking narcissist or fake flame can even resemble your real Twin Flame.  The narcissist is a real life vampire.  A good clearing for narcissists, negative people, and fake flame types.  A good healing for the damage done by these past relationships. Clear your energy and your love life.  Great for clearing karmic soulmates, Twin Flame Counterfeits, and lower connections.  Clearing other peoples energies.  Clears your energy and your aura from exes, past lovers, your parents and ancestors.  Clears negative connections and people from your energy.

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