Twin Flame Karmic Contract Clearing

£ 111.00



The Twin Flame Journey can trigger separation wounds.  It can trigger old grief, pain, and karmic baggage on both sides.  Karmic Relationships are pivotal in our Soul agreement or Soul contracts.  We have all had a couple.  Healing and clearing for remnants of past karma.  Heals and clears old patterns, beliefs, patriarchal conditioning, trauma, family lineage, and religious or cultural barriers.  Previous Karmic ties may hinder your connection.  It can block your system and your Twin Flame Union.  Some Twin Flames may have issues getting into a serious committed relationship due to past painful Karmic experiences.  A healing and clearing for these past experiences.  Heals, releases, and clears any energetic cords between you and your Karmic partners.  When your Twin Flame shows up all of the blocks come to the surface for clearing and healing.  Clears karmic patterns, beliefs and bonds with ex partners or lovers.  Helps to clear and release past/ and current karmic baggage.

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