Twin Flame Healing for Patterns

£ 255.00



This is a good healing for you and your Twin Flame, and the connection.  Great for everyone.  Twin Flames reflect the deepest, darkest parts of our own souls.  They begin to trigger us when certain patterns come up.  This is a healing for the pattens that have come up, and on both sides.  Our attachment style developed from ages 0-5 and become the template for all future relationships.  We tend to replay our earliest relationship.  Twin Flames mirror early childhood trauma.  This is a healing for your relationship templates.  The Twin Flame journey stirs up any narcissistic trauma bonds.  This can look like family stuff or past relationship stuff.  Healing for your past.  Heals repeating patterns.  Heals your deepest wounds your Twin Flame has stirred up.  Your Twin Flame tends to trigger your deepest fears and insecurities.  You may be repeating the same toxic or unhealthy dynamics you experienced with your parents as a kid in adulthood.  Healing for repeating unhealthy love dynamics.  Great for healing attachment wounds and issues such as fears of intimacy, abandonment, vulnerability, insecurities and fears around communicating these things.  Great for healing repeating behaviors.  Healing for past trauma bonds.  Heals the deeper patterns found within your relationship templates.  This can be for abuse, toxic relationships or negative patterns and co-dependent, conditional love.  Twin Flames have similar pasts and shared experiences that bring them closer together.  Healing for destructive relationship patterns.  Twin Flames trigger your wounds of childhood trauma and separation from your parents.  Healing for childhood trauma and separation wounds.  Twin Flames share similar past experiences and trauma.  Healing for Twin Flame blocks.  Healing for the deeper pattens, cycles, and loops playing out within your Twin Flame connection.  Healing for negative story lines.

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