Magnetize Your Twin Flame Healing

£ 222.00



Makes you magnetic to your Twin Flame and to Union.  Heals your love life.  Breaks deep rooted in past lifetime and family line misfortune around your love life.  Calls in the energies of your Twin Flame and brings them to you.  Great no matter what your situation.  Makes you more magnetic to this person and in your Union.  They will be pulled to you in a deep way.  Awaken you and your Twin Flame to this connection.  More clarity on who your Twin Flame is.  They get that clarity too.  Heals your field of anything unconsciously pushing them away, repelling them, or putting either of you in the runner roles.  This is a healing to heal and align your energy.  Raises your frequency.  Heals your heart chakra this way you can become more magnetic to love.  Opens this energy center which allows you to connect with others on a deeper level.  Align your energy to a higher frequency.  Better align with your Twin Flame.  Heals blockages that may be holding you back, opens your heart to accept more love.  Helps you to manifest Union.  If in Union heals blockages opening it up more.

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