Divine DNA Activation

£ 66.00


Channeled energies to activate your Divine DNA.  This is your spiritual DNA.  Activate moire of your potential.  Most of it lies dormant just waiting for you to activate it.  Tap into more of your full potential.  Activates your connection the the spiritual realms.  Activates your spiritual DNA which connects you to the Divine.  Your Divine DNA connects you back to Source/ The Creator.  Your DNA contains the codes for everything that it is possible for you to create.  Activate more of the Divine blueprint for your life.  Activates more of your Divine potential.  Wakes you up to more of your own Divinity.  Activates your connection to the Divine.  You hold so much more in your DNA.  Activate your sacred strands.  Great for restoring and repairing your DNA.  Clears and cleanses lower programs running.  Heals the emotional and energetic imprints found within your DNA.  Channeled light codes to heal and upgrade your DNA.

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