Twin Flame Love Activation

£ 66.00



Channeled energies to activate your heart chakra.  Great for overall heart or relationship healing.  Toxic relationships have damaged your love life.  Repairs template damage.  The 3D hurts our templates and our heart chakra.  A healing and healing upgrade for your relationship templates.  A healing and healing activation for your heart chakra.  When we open up to receive more love we do!  From our partners and from the Universe.  Open up to higher levels of love.  Helps to clear blockages and pain held deep within the heart chakra.  Activates your heart chakra for Union.  Open up and activate your heart for a stronger energetic connection.  We have a cord running from our heart chakra to that of our Twin Flame.  It runs across the spiritual plane.  The cords can not be severed.  It can become blocked up though through heart chakra pain.  Unblock your heart chakra and activate it.  Heal and activate this connection.  If in separation this helps your Twin Flame find their way back to you.  If in Union clears pain from the connection.

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