Spirit Guide Activation

£ 66.00



Your Spirit Guides take many forms.  They are the ones in spirit form that guide you.  This is an activation for you to better connect with your spirit guides.  Better connect to your own spirit guides.  Get more messages, information, and knowledge sent through.  This is an activation to open you up to more communication from the other side.  Your guides protect you and tune you into the path ahead.  Get more spirit guidance.  Contact to the other side.  Helps you to tap in and to see past the veil.  Our spirit guides are powerful and can do so much for us.  More clarity and messages.  Healing for disincarnate spirits in your ancestral line.  Spirit guides are beings that have transitioned into the afterlife.  But rather than reincarnating on earth again, they have chosen to dedicate their existence to being spirit guides as a way of continuing their soul’s evolution.  You have multiple guides.  Activates your connection and gifts of clairvoyance.  Activates more direction of your path and purposes.  Activates more of their guiding light.

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