Healing For Grief Package

£ 155.00



Healing for grief.  Grief can come in many stages.  This is an amazing healing for the pain that follows after loosing someone.  Healing for the pain left in the connection, healing for heavy emotions such as anger.  A really good healing for your heart chakra.  Clears and heals grief in the connection so that you can better connect through love.  Clears the pain that blocks up your connection.  Helps you feel lighter and more able to cope.  Ease feelings of guilt, resentment or bitterness.  Help to ease physical pain.  Energy healing to assist in healing your spirit throughout the grieving process.  Releases and heals trapped emotions.  Grief is an emotion stored in the lungs and the large intestine.  Loss of any kind will often trigger a feeling of being energetically drained.  A whirlwind of pain and emotions may make you feel stuck when loss happens.  Heals and clears the stuck energies.  Helping to recharge your energy.

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