Akashic Record Clearing

£ 155.00


This is a good Akashic Record Clearing.  The Akashic records are the records of everything in history throughout history, time and space.  A good clearing for past lives, past locations, places, and relationships.  This clearing clears negative energies from your Akashic.  It helps to transmute negative experiences into higher spiritual wisdom.  Spiritual healing energies sent to your past and past lives.  Clearing for your deeper blocks and patterns.  Removing and clearing negative blocks.  Transmutes your past.  Every moment of your soul’s existence is contained within the Akashic records of your soul’s energy field.  A good clearing for your Akashic records,  and of your souls larger energy field.  A good clearing for these alternate lifetimes.  Clearing energy and trauma from this lifetime and past lifetimes.  Clears karma.  Lower energy contracts that may be not good for you.  Clears enities.  Clears lower energies from past lives.  Clears cords and hooks.  Clears negative patterns.

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