Starseed Activation

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Our Starseed Activation is a system of Reiki energies that reconnects and awakes you to your purpose in this present incarnation.  The Starseed Activation is an energy that helps those who feel that they are Starseeds to cope with the changes occurring on planet Earth and to help them to deal with the dense energy vibrations of this planet. The Starseed connection will also help you to create a protective shield around you, which will help to prevent all external energies, which are not part of your life’s purpose and progression from being present in your life.

A Starseed is a person who is literally Star born. They are beings of light who although look human will have specific DNA frequencies which are not of this world and could be classed as being Alien in origin. Starseeds have been coming to the Earth since the beginning of Earth’s history. We are not alone and we have much to learn abut whom we are and what our place is within the Universe.  Starseeds often feel a sense of longing or a feeling of missing home.  There’s a feeling of having incarnated or originated from another planet. They may feel alone, separate or that they are a foreigner on this planet.  The main reason that Starseeds have incarnated into this current lifetime is to go through the physical life in an attempt to remember who they truly are, and for a spiritual awakening to take place as they move through the process of learning new lessons.

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