Twin Flame Karmic Baggage Clearing

£ 155.00


Twin Flames are fated connections but ofton times karmic baggage becomes a huge obstacle.  Clearing for karmic blocks and karmic obstacles.  Clearing for negative based karmic patterns.  Karmic patterns have people playing out negative karmic loops and keeps people stuck in bad behavior patterns.  Clearing for these loops and patterns.  You entered into all karmic partnerships because your higher self guides you towards your pre-decided karmic contracts.  There are certain karmic contracts that you have to fulfill.  This goes for both Twin Flames.  A good clearing for you and your Twin Flame. A good clearing for both sides and the karmic baggage that you carry.  Karmic blocks are obstacles or negative patterns in one’s life.  You also have issues from early childhood experiences.  A good clearing for karmic blocks and baggage.  Clears the karmic baggage picked up in childhood from your family.  Clears negative and limiting beliefs.  Saturn ensures that Twin Flames are bonded together indefinitely.  Saturn holds bonds that can not be broken.  In order for Twin Flames to come together permanently they need to work out karma with themselves and each other.  Clearing the karma so you can be together, or together with less obstacles.

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