Clearing For Your Past

£ 155.00


A good energy clearing for your past.  Clears past energies and past timelines.  Clears blockages from the past.  Clears obstacles and setbacks that are from your past.  Great for clearing soul memory, your past, and childhood issues.  Your body holds these patterns and your energy stores them.  A good energy clearing for your body and energy field.  A good release of these past patterns.  Clears unconscious negative energies.  Clears emotional, mental, physical and spiritual blocks from your past.  Clears negative lessons from the past.  Clears limiting thoughts, behaviors, and fears.  Fear of the past repeating can be a huge fear block in the now keeping you on repeating loops.  Clears looping experiences and timelines from your past.  A good clearing for all that you have been through.   When we clear the energies of the past we let go of energies not serving us to vibrate higher.  Let go of the energetic baggage you have been carrying around from the past.  Raises your frequency.

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