Twin Flame Psychic Upgrade Healing

£ 211.00


This healing is for your higher communication with your Twin Flame.  Receive more psychic messages.  Brings online more 5D Twin Flame Telepathy.  Telepathy is how we communicate on the 5D plane.  Receive more message from your Twin Flames Higher Self.  They will send you music so you can tap into how your Twin Flame is feeling.  Picking up on more of their feelings and what they are going through.  Telepathy is the sharing of feelings as well as a sharing of thoughts.  Opens up more of the connection.  Twin Flames communicate across any dimension or distance using psychic energies and their telepathic connection.  You can hear each other’s thoughts and converse mentally.  This healing is for the connection and more telepathy, dreams, and intuitive knowing about your Twin Flame.  Any dreams you’re having, with them in it, you’re sharing with them.  You have a shared dream connection.  Twin Flames often meet up and merge on the astral plane.

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