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  1. Hello trying to find my Twin Flame of Love. I have high functioning autism with Fragile X syndrome. The Pleiadians created autism. High functioning is one of the many forms of autism.

  2. I haven’t yet tried dmt. I had a psychedelic state after almost passing out once recently that seemed highly reminiscent of the trips I read. Fractals. Colors. Connecting of objects and lines.

    I’ve done psychedelics like 4-AcO-DMT before.

    I just finished writing about a hypothesis of DMT and Bipolar disorder. If you are curious for psychology, you could check it out 🙂

  3. Warning about your trip to the UK this is the homeland of the enemy. Be careful and on guard because you could be in danger. Heed my warning because it is from Love. Yashua messenger of Elohim and keeper of the sacred heart

  4. How do we heal from these monster? I was married for 22 years and have 4 kids to the monster. It’s been 4 months and every time a fell I’m getting better he pulls ti rug from under me again.. Please help and that you xxx

  5. I need to lose weight and quit cravings for good. I tend to crave soda a lot and I need to increase my water in take. I’m severely anemic as well. I’m always tired. Neck hurts and I go get bad headaches on my left side of my head down to my neck on the left stil.

  6. Namaste Beloved i had a moment of clarity about why were here and you #confirmed it.I’m able to feel more in my solar plexus in the front and back.but we’re dealing with more demons that we will use alchemy tp transmute them, I’ve been saying the violet flame prayer..I’m a being of violet fire I’m the purity God desires.repeat over and over again until you see the color purple in ur 3rd eye..

  7. I am so loving everything you say and I really wish to be a part of this through interspace connections meaning the time warp of then an now, I really need to feel this energy and want to be a part of what you are doing there, it is so special and I feel so honored to learn thank you eternally grateful for this insight so powerful .

  8. I just did a past life hypnosis (like right now) I found on youtube, and I was a young girl in France 1811 wearing a blue dress walking and talking with my imaginary friend. We were laughing and talking and walking across the road and wham! I was distracted and didn’t notice the big car to the left of me. Instant death. Our souls collide – imaginary friend and I. Imaginary friends soul was an angry one and clung onto mine, we split in two, a portion of each in the other. The girl survived, but she was a very angry girl after that. At the end a closer inspection of the scene, I heard and saw the imaginary friend holding me in front of the car saying, “Thank you! Now we will never part, and I will be real again.”
    In the last two months I’ve been having fits of anger (since my restaurant told us they were closing down, to closing, and now almost a month unemployed and studying massage and living off savings and the odd book sale.) Every time I drink wine, even just a glass, I started getting angry loud and crazily. My ex is the main cause; alcoholic still living in my bed in my flat. He would gobble down quadruple brandy and cokes and I’d wait there drinking wine and getting fed up by his irritating superdrunkness so I would cause a scene in the bar, or at work, when he would fetch me drunk when the restaurant still existed. I was getting angrier and angrier. I’ve been ok for the last 2 weeks. trying to separate myself and his self-destructive ways, and focus more on what I’m doing, my course, making stuff to sell, painting, writing ( have written only two poems since Oct/Now). And now I’m randomly writing an essay in your comments block. – Also I meant to write it down but my book and pen were not inviting me.

  9. No wonder I’ve been putting so much emphasis on being alone and not clingy, I’m not being clingy my higher self is just integrating into my body

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  11. I would absolutely love to do every single one of these with you as I feel drawn to you . Your energy is so calming and I feel I could learn so much from you. Your knowledge is amazing. I love it. But unfortunately I can’t afford it as I’m currently unable to work due to my disability so money is very tight. But I love all your live feeds ect and I have brought a few fiends and share you as I feel you can help a lot of people with your knowledge and understanding.

  12. Do you think that applying for jobs or starting a new career are good things to do during Mercury retrograde? I’ve been told that computer systems will act weird, as you mentioned. But have also heard that paperwork may not go through or may get lost.

  13. Hi How do I know which class is right for me? I was interested in Sekhem but see that you offer other energy healing classes as well. Let me know if I should set up a reading with you to determine the best path or what you recommend. Thanks!

  14. I am asking for help with my spiritual growth , I’ve been feeling intense shift that unfortunately when I try to let a friend of mine know y I’m drifting away from certainly most things we used to enjoy together she sits smiling like I’m silly . I’ve been on this special journey for 5 + yes but lately I’m not really to bothered about ppls opinions saying that I would love them 1st to be happy for themselves if they could then be ? that I’ve found a place where I finally feel I belong . I have always had massive hurdles it seems to get over only to find a larger ones and finally I’m beginning to understand y they were put there to begin with . I’m not selfish and I feel I deserve an abundant life . one more thing I’m learning lessons daily but I will stay away from anyone who questions the good positive change in my life . I want to say Ty to your group for helping me flourish .

  15. I have always came away withore knowledge n feelings of self worth after reading your terrific posts . I would like to know , I have a beautiful little manifestation crystal set and since I’ve been away from home and my books on LOA, Angels , candle magic oh yeah a few books about our luvly moon and her magical properties I have nearly forgot about putting my crystal set out in the lunar energy of this beautiful moon . I used to put them on my window sill as soon as she appeared to us then take them in only when her cycle was completed as the crystals need cleansed of negative energy they have picked up . Due to illness and lack of sleep I can’t believe I forgot to put them out last night , I can still clranse them under thisoon can’t I ? Ty for sharing your story

  16. I woke up last night , having a hard time sleeping .. But , what is unusual is I am hearing or heard three statements over the past couple of days and it was not usuall with my thinking process.. You lied to me.. Your finnished ,,,,, ;and what do i need to know? I have no idea what or who is trying to send me a message and I am staying calm to listen to hear more.. just wanted to share.. hugs

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