Isis Blue Moon Healing System

£ 155.00


This system, or energy stream has two main aspects:  cool/soothing, and cold/freezing.  The energy can be used for any cooling and/or clearing types of healing work.  It can also be used to clear rooms of negative energy.  There is one main symbol and nine more additional optional symbols.  The Isis energy streams all have many energetic aspects and frequencies.  Isis Blue Moon includes them all.  The more you work with Isis and use Isis Blue Moon Healing, the more likely you will be to notice these individual aspects.

The manual includes a message from Isis, an Isis Blue Moon energy exercise, an invocational chant to Isis, and a description of Isis’ aspects and their symbols.

Isis Blue Moon Attunment is sent as a double attunment.   I do one Master Teacher attunment/ initiation.

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