On Today’s Energies…

We are in a Pleiadian Portal until the 24th.  Our Sun is moving into a powerful alignment with the Pleiades right now.  Our Sun and the Pleiades have begun a Cosmic Dance that they do each year.  They intertwine creating an Infinity symbol.  They will stay in this dance until the Summer Solstice.  The Summer Solstice is June 21st.  The Pleiades will begin to rise before dawn during the Summer.  That means from now until the Summer Solstice the Sun and the Pleiades continue to merge together.  That Infinity sign above us is bringing some major activations.  The infinity sign symbolizes eternity.  It’s also a powerful energy and sign for any Twin Flames.  Certain souls are bound, or tied together.  It’s an unbreakable bond meant to last till infinity.  An intertwined ribbon that leads them back together.  It is your destiny to find each other.  That means the time, place, or circumstances won’t matter.  You will be brought together, again and again, life after life.  Many are being made aware of these connections if they are in them.  We are also receiving more and more energy each day.  Each day is getting longer.  This week we are receiving the Light of Alcyone.  Alcyone is the Pleiades brightest Star.  It’s 7 times brighter then our own Sun.  These energies are going to be bringing up many past life, and past karmic wounds.  There is a major healing that needs to take place.  We are shifting into a higher frequency.  As we are our DNA is activating.  That’s why your feeling where you need to work on your energy on a physical level.  It’s important that we are letting our body guide us through this process.

art: @maia_moon_temple


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