On The Energies…



Happy Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse! It’s time to shine! New Moons are a time for recharging and manifesting.  We also have a rare Chiron Cazimi.  This is bringing up old past life and childhood wounds for healing.  Expect past wounds, vulnerabilities, and fears to be spotlighted during this Eclipse.  You should be seeing the narratives and story lines that are going back too, and connected to old childhood wounds.  We are in Mercury Retrograde.  It’s like a Cosmic time out where we are meant to stop everything and to reflect on our past actions and decisions.  This Eclipse is all about relationships.  It’s all about how and who we are connecting with.  It’s all about coming home to ourselves.  You can’t ever really be in balance with another until you can be whole within yourself.  It’s all about healing any lack, imbalances, and need for codependency within yourself.  Expect this alignment to stir up deep, buried, emotional, physical and spiritual wounds.  It’s all about healing these past hurts.  Expect new beginnings, self-discovery, and profound healing.  Expect these energies to shift you closer to your destiny.  Eclipse are a time where karma, fate, and destiny lead the way.  It’s important to surrender to the Cosmic flow of energies.  Eclipses are times for realigning the threads of destiny.  You’re cutting the cords with connections from the past.  It’s a time for aligning with destined connections.  There is so much magic in the air.  Make sure that you’re using it for manifesting.

art: @midnightmoonvisuals