On The Energies…



The 13th, and the 14th the Moon aligns with the Pleiades!  Expect a huge influx of Pleiadian Energies.  Will be bringing a dreamy magical vibe.  It’s a great time to see the Milky Way right now, if you can get somewhere dark.  We have a Cancer New Moon on July 17th.  This is also a major Galactic Activation Portal Day.  Cancer is sensitive to energy, and their surroundings.  It’s also a moody sign.  This Cancer Season is all about opening your heart to love.  It’s all about family healing, and bringing you back to your roots.  On the 17th the Lunar Nodes are also shifting into Aries and Libra.  The North Node will be moving into Aries, and the South Node into Libra.  The Lunar Nodes are Fated Points of Destiny’s that are meant to reveal your life’s purpose.  The North Node in Aries is going to speed things up in your life.  Once you decide what you want, things will move fast.  The South Node in Libra is meant to help you find a deeper alignment, and balance in your romantic relationships.  We also have Venus Shifting into Retrograde the 22nd in Leo, until Sep 22nd.  That means you’ll be doing some major clearing work in your love life.  Old wounds, and abandonment trauma is coming up for healing.  We are healing old wounds that make us feel unlovable.  You’re being guided to do extra self love, and self care.  During this time old relationships may be coming back up for healing, or even for reunion.  Flames may come back together, there may be certain connections that reach a resolve, or shift into Union.  Cancer Season is bringing some major relationship shifts.  Expect some major upgrades in, and around your love life.  It’s a great time to be tapping into your emotional energy, and to be turning it into art.  Time to focus on those creative projects.  Chiron also shifts retrograde on the 23rd in Aries.  Chiron reflects your deepest traumas, wounds, and insecurities.  This Chiron Retrograde will help us in clearing old stories that have been still coming up, or looping into the now.

art: @glitterilicious