On The Energies…

We have entered into a New Month which is bringing its own frequency.  February is bringing a huge influx of energies.  Today marks Imbolc.  That means the energies begin to intensify today, as they will lead us into March’s Spring Equinox.  This month is all about the intentions your putting out.  We are in a space for your dreams to grow.  These energies are huge for manifesting.  If you are a manifestor your being encouraged to help more in a collective level.  You can help so much by continuing to hold the vision on the New Earth, which is what we came here to collectively create.  We are going to see a huge wave come in for tomorrow’s 2:2 Portal.  That means tonight’s Aquarius New Moon is Super Charged from these energies.  This New Moon is encouraging you to open new doors within the spiritual.  Your being encouraged to connect more, and to tap into the spiritual now.  Are there ways you need to work with, or to activate your gifts more? Are there ways you have been blocking yourself? Things to clear? You should be feeling that connection to Source more and more.  You should be feeling a strong desire to follow that energy, and to clear anything/ anyone blocking that connection.  Your system is pushing you to clear away any and all negativity in your life.  This allows you to vibrate higher.  This week is also bringing some major third eye activations.  You may be feeling floaty, dreamy, spacey, trippy, or ungrounded.  These energies should be making you feel more awake and aware.  Things may even feel extra serious right now.  You may be traveling in you sleep, or may be having encounters happening in other dimensions.  The Spirit messages are coming in strong.  You may be seeing signs everywhere you turn.  Pay attention to the messages and guidance coming through.  The energies are really high right now, so more is coming through.

art: @kokeeneva

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