On The Energies…

December is going to bring some big astrology, and some big energies.  We can also expect a Comet and one of the best Meteor Showers of the year.  We are in the last bit of Autumn right now.  That means we can expect the days to get shorter.  Dec 6th and 7th are going to be the earliest sunsets of the year.  December will bring a lot of fresh, positive energies.  It will also bring a huge acceleration in our ascension process.  December is kicking off with Neptune about to shift direct in Pisces.  Neptune has spent almost half the year retrograde.  Neptune has been retrograde since June, and shifts direct Dec 1st.  Pisces is Neptune’s element.  Some of you may feel this transit deeply as this God is being received home.  Pisces both reinforces the spiritual and the illusion.  Pay attention to your dreams and guidance coming through during this time.  It’s important to be both looking deeper and feeling out things.  This transit means all of those manifestations and dreams you have been putting out there are about to materialize.  These energies will be very much opening up new spiritual dimensions.  We have some big solar energies on the way.  The Sagittarius Solar Eclipse is Dec 4th.  Expect this Eclipse to prepare us for the energies of the Solstice.  This Eclipse will go a little smoother then the last.  The Geminid Meteor Shower will become active the 4th too.  Venus shifts retrograde Dec 19th.  That means we are feeling the shadow period creeping up.  All star signs are going to be feeling this one.  The Goddess goes into a storm.  The focus right now is on relationships.  Some people think this causes issues in your love life.  Venus Retrograde can push you to clear any relationships that are not good for you.  It’s meant to change the flow of energy, taking you into a deeper alignment.  Venus Retrograde tends to bring good things too.  It can bring your Twin Flame into your awareness.  This Sagittarius Season is all about letting go of old limitations.  The light of the Solstice will be making it easier for many of you to find the path home.  You may be feeling that your here for something so much bigger then yourself.  You may even feel like something big is about to happen.  Sagittarius Season is great for sparking that flame, or even in sparking up your inner magic.  We have some powerful alignments coming at us, that are moving us towards a new beginning.   

art: @mimo.wandering

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