Flames ??

Lost in my own darkness, you were the light that pulled me out of the abyss. You illuminated the way to my enlightenment. You lit my kundalini awakening on fire, your serpent energy opened all my chakras. Tantrically we merged together heaven and earth and became one. I became your Goddess, a portal to higher dimensions, and you became my God. This is a sacred union, yet sacred isn’t quite enough to describe this feeling. This is a Divine marriage, spiritual in nature. You showed me a new world which I never knew existed, and burned down my veil. The entire Universe is aligned with our love and our mission. This love is Divine in nature, and of the highest dimensions. I can’t convince others of what I have seen, but you’ve shown me so much. I emerge from this story a warrior with a sword of love. Truth and white light are my companions. This is why when people are concerned for my soul they don’t realize I gave it to someone a long time ago.

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