What Your Aura Color Means..


Aura Color MeaningsAura Color Meanings

Many healers believe that when the colors of the human aura are out of balance it will have a negative affect on the body and cause health problems. Auras can reveal information about someone’s thought, feelings, and dreams. All living things have an Aura. We all emit energy and we each have a unique vibration and color. People can be seen by gifted people and those that heal, people can even manipulate energy fields for effective healing. People can have more then one color in their aura. Here are the different aura color meanings.

Rainbow Auras- These Auras are found in healers. A lot of time people that are trained to work with energy and Starseeds have this color Aura.

Yellow… This color is related to the spleen and to a persons energy source, or Chi.

Brilliant Yellow-your spiritually inspired or your experiencing a spiritual awakening. You have a playful energy.

Dark Yellow with Brown- you are a student and under immense pressure to achieve your goals, you test well. You have lost your love to learn, learning has become a chore.

Lemon Yellow- You have a fear of loss, this could be the loss of a job, divorce, lifestyle change, or loss of health.

Pale Yellow- You have embarked on a spiritual journey, you have a renewed sense of excitement for the future.
Orange… This color is related to reproductive organs and emotions

Bright Orange- This color Aura means good health, vibrancy, and living life to the fullest. If you have an over balance then you have an addiction of some kind.

Orange With Red- You have a lot of personal power and confidence.

Orange With Yellow- You have a scientific mind and are a perfectionist. You have a love for work and projects that are mentally challenging.
Red… Red is a powerful color, it can be a positive or a negative color. Red represents blood, it’s a vibration of action, you can use it to either attract or repel.

Dark Red- Your a centered or grounded person. You are self sufficient and highly adaptable, you can survive anything.

Brilliant Red- This color represents passion and sex. You are full of energy and very competitive.

Red That Is Clouded- This color is negative, an energy with a deep routed anger.

Pink- You are a loving person, or even an artist. This color is sensuality. If you have recently fallen in love you will have pink in your Aura, or psychically gifted people will have pink in their Aura.

Dark Pink- This color Aura means deceit, dishonesty, or someone very immature.
Blue… This color Aura is about the throat, specifically the thyroid. If your Aura is blue your intuitive and you love helping people. These people deal with crisis in a calm manner.

Royal Blue- This color Aura means you are a highly developed spiritual intuitive or clairvoyant. These people are generous and have a giving spirit, and are always up for new possibilities.

Dark Blue or Blue That Is Cloudy- A person with this color Aura doesn’t trust the future and refused to face the truth out of a desire for control.

Light Blue- This color Aura is about being truthful and serene. You are an excellent communicator.

Green… This color Aura is the color of the heart and nature. People with this color Aura are healers, teachers, and others who are service of others.

Forest Green- Your a natural healer.

Yellow With Green- you are good at communicating. You would be a good musician, actor, or salesperson.

Dark Green or Clouded Green- this Aura represents a jealous person, and someone full of resentment. This is a person that won’t take responsibility for their own actions.

Turquoise- this color Aura represents a powerful healer. This is someone that helps others find their inner truths. People with this color Aura make good healers, doctors, and counselors.
Purple… This color Aura represents the pituitary gland, pineal gland, and the nervous system.

Violet- this color Aura represents a visionary of the highest level. You can change the world with spiritual love.

Indigo- this color Aura represents someone that has glimpses of the other realm and is a truth seeker.

Silver and Gold- this color Aura is positive and of a spiritual vibration.

Silver- the color of abundance. You have great physical and spiritual wealth.

Gold- you have angels and other Divine entities protecting you. You are being guided by The Divine.

Black- this color indicates you are holding on to negative feelings. This means you have an unwilling and unforgiving spirit. This color indicates disease.

Gray- this color Aura means you have blocked energy fields.

Dark Brown or Brown That Is Clouded- You are afraid of letting go, stop being afraid to share with others.

White- This color Aura represents a new soul, or a purity. This color Aura can be found in highly spiritual people that have transcended the Third Dimension and are ascending. Angelic beings have white Auras.