8 Signs Of A Lightworker


Light workers are people who volunteered before incarnating here to come help the planet. Each light worker has a sacred purpose, we are healers. However, Earth is very dense so when your used to high levels of consciousness this can lead to disorientation. The third dimension is very materialistic, this causes a sort of amnesia in people. We descended into a world that made us forget our divine origins. We became victims, and we thought we were powerless to help, this is what they wanted. We forgot our true power for so long, but then something shifted in us, we woke up.

  1. You feel that you are a healer.

  2. You want to fix the planets social and environmental problems.

  3. You know that spiritual methods can heal any situation.

  4. Have had strange or mystical experiences such as psychic premonitions, or angelic encounters.

  5. You had a really tough life, we picked hard circumstances to learn from.

  6. Healing your own life has opened you up to the healing world.

  7. You feel like you need to write, teach, or help others based on your experiences.

  8. Feel an urgency to fulfill your mission, your just figuring out or getting glimpses of how to do this.





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