4 horseman of apocalypse

The four horsemen of the apocalypse actually represent emotions. John is actually perceiving the energies of his root chakra as it is opened by forces of regeneration within his own body. The next center is opened, this is his sacral chakra. When this opens the forces of the adrenal are released, this is the body’s main source for physical energy. This can either be constructive or destructive.  When he opened this one he was given a warning that for every spiritual gift there is a price and penalty for the mis-use of each gift. John then opened his heart chakra. This shows him the ravages of degeneration are shown to him through loss of consciousness and feelings of guilt as a result of self-gratification of the body. Next John opens his throats chakra. This discloses latent powers of will, which have been immobilized through misuse. John then opened his third eye, this was accompanied by body trembling, and loss of consciousness with the life essence centering only in the subconscious. The resulted in loss of mental impulses in the physical. This resulted in old ideals being swept away, along with all material attainments and concepts.


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