The Dragon




The dragon

The term, “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” had little to do with the movie and more to do with energetic magic.  It’s a concept referring to light and dark energies.  The dark side is the tiger and our light is the dragon.  This has so much Akashic meaning to me, from things I’ve seen regarding the natures of our pasts and the evolution of our souls.  If you have ever seen a dragon you know that they are very beautiful.  People seek to capturethem for their beauty.  This is why humanity has been imprinted to hide their dragon and are protecting it with their tiger.  The tiger is the dark side.  It’s all energies, people tend to have when ready to pounce.  The natures of reality are yet to be understood.  We manifested these realms and many before these.  We have chosen to hide in these places of darkness and have only now reached a place of light.  We remain here and really seek a day when we won’t feel a need to.  It’s made me very adept in projecting my own illusions to stay hidden.  I have been slowly opening up and as I have,  there have been forces once again seeking to capture me.  We learned valuable lessons in our pasts about sharing our magic.  It just was wasn’t the time yet.  Now is time for your magic, and your work is not going unnoticed.