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Gifts For Each Zodiac Sign

Just in case anyone needs any last minute gift ideas for each zodiac sign..

Aries- This is an impulsive and active sign that rules the brain, head, and face. Dazzling jewelry, or some type of gadget, such as a video game console or an iPhone. Aries like to cook so kitchen stuff is always a good idea.

Taurus- This sign loves luxury yet practicality and is ruled by the throat. You may want to put some thought into getting a Taurus a gift, they have high standards. Food or wine is always the best, take them to a nice restaurant.

Gemini- This is an easy sign, they love everything! Gemini rules the mind so anything to do with communication or travel. Gift certificates for something your Gemini wants or likes is best.

Cancer- This sign is all about etiquette, so you might want to wrap it nice with a bow. Give them something heartfelt and sincere. Give them something you made yourself. They love to be pampered, so a gift certificate at a spa would be the next best thing.

Leo- This sign loves special events of any kind, so the more elaborate of a presentation the better. Make sure your the center of attention wherever you are going. Anything flashy or blingy will do, some gemstones they like are ruby, diamond or topaz.

Virgo- This sign is very practiced, but very picky. Make sure you give them something they will like or use. Books are a good idea if hey read, but it has to be something they like. This is a sign that you should ask what they want.

Libra- This sign loves gifts, in fact you should get them two wrapped separately! They like actual act of opening the gifts. This is a sign that seeks peace and harmony. Get them an opal necklace, this is a stone of a Libra. Knicknacks for their home is ideal.

Scorpio- This is a sign that loves gifts! They like the mystery of what is hidden inside. They love mysterious things! They like colors like maroon, garnet, or black. They love metaphysical things so a tarot deck or some crystals is ideal.

Sagittarius- This sign loves adventure and travel! They hate boring activities. Take them somewhere exotic, or go away for a weekend with them. Take them somewhere they have never been.

Capricorn- This is a sign that loves simplicity and design. Make sure you wrap it with no creases. They like things made from scratch. Get them something they will actually use. A bathrobe, a warm blanket, etc.

Aquarius- This sign has a sense of humor and they like to socialize. This sign wants something unusual. They like fashion or anything futuristic. Get them a telescope or another gadget that will help them learn about the Universe.

Pisces- This sign likes to dream! They are artistic, spiritual, and creative. This sign loves romance, jewelry, art, history, and religion. They also love music and animals. This is the type of sign that wants a gift certificate to a pet store. Aquamarines, amethysts, and other watery stones fascinate them.

Astrology Compatibility

Here are signs that are compatible for each sign. Remember people are just like chemicals so we all have to stick with like elements to get a good reaction.

Capricorn- Most compatible Taurus and Virgo. Stay away from fire and air elements.

Aquarius- Most compatible Gemini and Libra. Stay away from water and earth elements.

Pisces- Most compatible with Cancer and Scorpio. Stay away from fire and air elements.

Aries- Most compatible with Leo and Sagittarius. Stay away from water and earth elements.

Taurus- Most compatible with Virgo and Capricorn. Stay away from air and fire elements.

Gemini- Most compatible with Libra and Aquarius. Stay away from water and earth elements.

Cancer- Most compatible with Scorpio and Pisces. Stay away from fire and air elements.

Leo- Most compatible with Aries and Sagittarius. Stay away from water and earth elements.

Virgo- Most compatible with Taurus and Capricorn. Stay away from air and fire elements.

Libra- Most compatible with Gemini and Aquarius. Stay away from water and earth elements.

Scorpio- Most compatible with Cancer and Pisces. Stay away from fire and air elements.

Sagittarius- Most compatible with Aries and Leo. Stay away from water and earth unless you want a disaster.

Soul Mission by Zodiac Sign

Here is what your soul mission would be in relation to your horoscope sign.. remember all female signs have a negative polarity and all males have a positive polarity.

Capricorn- You are here to learn independence and freedom. Your lesson is detachment of material things, if you can let go of material things you can master co-creating your reality.

Aquarius- Life is to be led consciously being service-to-others in some way. Those with this as a sun sign are on a group mission to help humanity in some way. Your lesson to learn is to balance Saturn and Uranus in your lifestyle, and human relationships.

Pisces- Your here to overcome the struggle of duality. Your learning to fuse your personality with your higher self. Your working on destroying your past and creating the future. Your lesson to learn is the meaning of Divine love.

Aries- Your here to create a separate identity, this is the birthplace of ideas. Your here to overcome anger and embrace love. Your lesson to learn is love, this starts with self love.

Taurus- Your here to establish a sense of true meaning and value in life. Your here to learn about non-attachment. You have to let go of anything material, only spirituality can be obtained and kept.

Gemini- You here to have many experiences. You will learn so much because you will have a variety of experiences. Get over being restless, your lesson is learning how to control your mind.

Cancer- This incarnation is the first cohesive anchoring of the soul in a physical body for a new cycle. Your most important task is to ground yourself, stabilize your own inner anchor. Let go of possessiveness and work on your lesson. Your lesson is to grant loved ones the freedom to be who they are.

Leo- This incarnation is a search for wholeness within yourself. Your developing sense of individuality. To know yourself is to know all. You have an amazing creativity, this is from having great self-awareness. Your here to overcome that desire for an external throne. Your here to learn self mastery, and that the throne you seek is within.

Virgo- Your incarnation is meant to be spent in search of being of meaningful service. Your meant to be incorporating Christ Consciousness into all aspects of your life. Your here to learn discernment.

Libra- Your incarnation entails a search of a soulmate. Your learning to perceive better judgement with other people. Your attempting to balance the polarities of life. Your here to conquer the urge to always be right. Your here to learn the lesson of the balance of will, love, and intelligence in every situation.

Scorpio- Your incarnation is an arduous one, your seeking transformation. Your here to win the battle of Armageddon, this is an internal battle though. Your engaging in a struggle between your lower selfs desires (ego) and your higher self (soul). Your here to overcome selfishness. Your here to learn the lesson of self sacrifice.

Sagittarius- Your incarnation involves a search of wisdom. This is the best objective one can have. Wisdom will liberate your soul and allow you to live consciously. Your here to overcome procrastination, we have to help create our reality. Your here to learn the lesson of being a channel for wisdom.