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On The Energies…

7:17 is a powerful Twin Flame Portal.  There are many Twin Flames apart or in separation right now.  It’s important that if you are one of them, that your holding the faith right now.  There will be many waves of reunion happening alongside this Ascension.  If your working towards it, it’s important to remember you can come together at anytime.  717 is an Angelic Code for lovers.  It corresponds with the Lovers card of the tarot.  It represents Sexual Union.  You knew Earth would be this hard.  Yet here was an important reason your soul chose to come learn here.  Sometimes Twin Flame stories are not easy.  They are there for us to heal.  There may be blockages or things in the way.  You could be in different cities, or a different country.  Many are still in toxic dynamics that they need to clear to come into true union.  These tend to be 3D Empath/ Narcissist dynamics.  The Narcissist will never be your Flame.  If you know your with someone who is the Narcissist get away, and fast! Some are in Karmic situations that need to be healed and cleared more.  It is karma that keeps us tied to the old 3D Earth.  In a true Twin Flame connection you will both be empaths, and psychics.  This will be a deep connection that transcends the barriers of 3D.  You could feel each other across the Planet.  Twin Flames share the same chakra system.  The mental, emotional, and casual body is one on a higher level.  This is why you can feel and sense them so deeply.  This is why you will experience Twin Flame telepathy.  The 7:17 Portal will be bringing, specifically, Twin Flame Codes.  These energies will help to reunite many.  Those in Union can use these energies to come into an even deeper Union.

I’m Doing Activations Tomorrow…

Tomorrow is the 7:17 Portal.  This is a powerful Gateway and Energy for Twin Flames.  I’ll be doing activations all day tomorrow.  Channeled Angelic Codes to help you with your healing.  These energies are all about your love life and the healing work needed to be done to come into Union.  An amazing activation for everyone, no matter what there situation.  Healing Energies for your Love Life.  Here is the link to sign up…

7:17 Twin Flame Activation


The Lionsgate..

The next couple of weeks will be full of some huge astrological shifts.  We are in some intense geomagnetic storms right now.  The next two days we will continue to be hit with many energies.  This is bringing a major shift in energy.  Thursday is the peak of the Lionsgate portal.  The Lionsgate portal is open until August 12th.  This creates a merger of Solar and Galactic energies.  Sirius is our Spiritual Sun and it’s energies are assisting us with our ascension.  Chiron is retrograde so we have a huge focus on the heart chakra right now.  Any old or current wounds of the heart may come up for healing.  Sunday is another Gateway day as well.  The alignments will cause this Planet’s frequency to rise then halt from Uranus shifting to a standstill.  August is a powerful month and will continue to intensify energetically.  It’s time to release any fears.  This energy is to lead us back to our spiritual Source.  Your destiny is calling, it’s waiting for you to create it.  This month is powerful for manifesting.  Stay aligned with who your becoming.  The Lionsgate is meant to be a rising in energies.  This is a powerful time for humanity.  We are being reminded, however, that it’s up to us to put the work in.  Use these energies to heal and open up to more love.

I will be doing a Facebook live feed and activation through my website for the Lionsgate Portal.  Here is the link to sign up! We have it on 50% off Don’t miss these energies!