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On The Energies…

We have a lot of energies kicking off from an explosion last night on the far side of the Sun.  These solar flares are affecting the whole Planet on such a big level.  Every cell in your body is feeling these energies.  We are still celebrating Samhain.  In the past people celebrated this Gateway for either three days, or even the whole month of November.  November is Pleiadian Month!  Our Planet is now aligning with the Pleiades.  The Pleiades is the star of Halloween.  The Pleiades reappear on Halloween.  At midnight on Samhain/ Halloween is the point where the Pleiades reaches their highest point in the sky.  When the Pleiades is at their highest the veil dividing the living from the dead is at its thinnest.  Once a year, when the Pleiades is at its highest point, that night the souls of the recently departed reach their eternal destination.  This is why we do All Souls Day Nov 2nd.  The veil will remain thin through the entire month of November.  November 21st will be a huge Pleiadian Gateway.  Once again on the 21st the Pleiades will reach their highest point at midnight.  They will also be at their brightest.  We are getting ready and already feeling the 11:11 Portal.  This will be huge for any Twin Flames or for aligning with your Twin Flame.  The November Pleiadian Alignment is Nov 17th-23rd.  In November the Pleiades are opposite the Sun.  This is a powerful time of activation and energy upgrades.  If you are a Pleiadian Starseed these energies will help you to connect with your mission on a deeper level.  We are also in a Pleiadian Meteor Shower.  Expect the Taurids Meteor Shower to continue to be seen through mid November.  It’s been kicking off some amazing fireballs globally.  The Pleiades are always associated with the Winter months.  November is always the best month to see the Pleiades.  Anytime from dusk til dawn is a good time to see the Pleiades, into April.

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On This Weeks Energies…

We can expect some serious frequency shifts this week.  We are about to step into a new stream of even higher frequency energy.  These are supercharged particles of light.  We can expect a lot of these energies to begin to reach us by tomorrow.  This energetic storm will begin to peak Thursday with the 10/10 portal.  This is a Gateway to a new dimension, or reality.  This Stargate is even more powerful because we are in a time where the veil is very thin.  Many people are being purified now so that they do not miss this shift.  This is a reminder of what is still in front of us.  However, This Gateway marks a cycle of completion.  It’s a bridge to higher states of consciousness.  It will help activate you for a mission.  This is a powerful time for taking back your power through the divine feminine.  We see Gaia doing just that as she increases her frequency.  The energy will continue to intensify this week until Sunday.  That’s when we will have a Full Moon in Aries.  There is a lot of fire in the air this week.  Fire is an element meant to purify.  It’s also the element needed for the rebirth of the Phoenix.  We are being stripped away of any impure qualities.  In order for us to pass through this 10:10 Gateway, we must leave behind the things not for our highest good.  We have been releasing a lot and will now begin to step into an even better alignment.

I will be doing a Transmission on 10/10 in my Awakening To Ascension group on Facebook. This will be a live guided meditation/ healing ceremony.

Preparing To Shift..

We have a lot of energies coming into the Planet at this time. Many people are experiencing a spiritual awakening during this time. Those that are awake are becoming more and more tuned in to the different energies around them. As your frequency is rising, your perception is expanding. We are realising that this Planet has become very psychically polluted. There is a need to purify. Take time to detox your physical body. Take better care of your own energy during this time. Your going to become more and more sensitive to anything not in alignment with your own energy. Autumn has arrived and it’s important that we recognise just as the Earth shifts seasons, so do we. Your not the same person you were a few months ago, let alone years ago. It’s important that as your making these internal shifts that your discarding anything no longer a reflection of who you are. Let go of the things weighing you down. If something is stressing you out, recognise it’s no longer in alignment with you. The Autumn Equinox is Monday. This time of year is when the veil is the thinnest. This is a time when the dimensions are merged into one, making the other realms more accessible. Many of you are seeing messages encoded in your everyday life. Synchronicities, number codes, dreams, deja vu, messages from loved ones and ancestors. This is also a time for love, manifestation and miracles. This high frequency energy is changing the dynamics of reality as we know it. It’s pushing us to go deeper within. We will continue to heal and release more as we approach the Equinox.